A game-changing

Refact is a revolutionary technology that can process unsorted, mixed blends, multi-coloured textiles and clothing accessories.

No other known technology can recycle such a large pool of post-consumer waste into textile.

100% recycled,
100% recyclable

Refact fibres are 100% recycled with no addition of virgin material.

Refact fibres are 100% recyclable.

As good as new

Refact fibres are as good as virgin fibres and can be used for any type of textiles, dyed in any colour, woven or knitted.

Refact, the key to closing the loop in the lifecycle of textiles.

Fashion circular

How do we go from textile waste
to new fibres?


First, we cut the used textiles into small pieces. We remove most accessories, by, for example, using magnets to take off metallic zippers or buttons.


After that, we grind the small pieces of fabric, reducing them down to powder.

Removing dyes

In this next step, the different dyes and other contaminants are removed.

Extracting cellulose

The cellulose is then extracted and dissolved into a honey like liquid, viscose dope.

Wet spinning

The final stage is the regeneration of the viscose dope into viscose fibres. Refact fibres have the same quality, length, touch, colour and feel as virgin fibres made from trees. You can make exactly the same clothes, just more sustainably.