Our story

We are a Franco-British company. For almost a decade, our team has been developing innovative technology for the textile industry, supporting multiple renowned brands. It was always our ambition to find a solution for end-of-life textiles but, until a few years ago, we thought the problem was just too big to tackle.

Unexpectedly, COVID, and the lack of retail during 2020, gave us the opportunity to actively start researching the subject: we had a full R&D team with incredible technical knowledge and – suddenly – time on their hands. We are proud we were able to create something wonderful from a dreadful situation.

To date, we have filled 9 patents in textile innovation, including 4 related to recycling. We are scaling up Refact technology and plan to build a textile recycling factory in Europe.

After 3 years of intense research, we have found an economically viable solution for high-scale textile recycling. Our next chapter involves scaling it up.

If not now, then when? us, then who?

Who are we ?


Fashion is currently an environmental disaster. Textile waste is an issue we urgently need to address. As textile specialists, we consider it our duty to act.


Our commitment towards the planet is both professional and personal. We work hard every day to reduce the environmental impact of fashion.


People won’t stop wearing clothes. The answer is to find a way to make the industry more sustainable.