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We are Refact, a Franco-British company whose game-changing recycling technology turns used textiles into new apparel.

A broken model

In the time it takes to read this paragraph, twenty truckloads of clothes will have been incinerated or sent to landfill. It is one every second. This is an ecological, social and economic catastrophe. Worldwide, only 1% of used textiles are recycled into new garments.

Meanwhile, we keep producing more and more clothes from virgin material. Demand for cellulose-based fibres alone grows by 10% every year, whilst we cannot keep expending farmlands to grow cotton or chopping trees to produce viscose.

Together, we must break
this destructive cycle.

A difficult challenge

The obvious solution is recycling, but textile recycling technologies are facing 3 challenges. To make matters worse, sorting is so complicated it is mostly done by hand and therefore very costly.


Textile is not made from one single material but from a multitude, sometimes mixed together, that each require their own recycling solution.


They are fun to wear but a nightmare to recycle and again, even a single garment can encompass multiple dyes.


All those buttons, zippers, sequins, embroideries or else are obstacles to processing textile fibres.

A game-changing

Refact is a revolutionary process that can handle mixed blends, multi coloured textiles and clothes’accessories without being sorted before processing.

No other known technology is able to recycle such a huge pool post-consumer waste into textile.

100% recycled,
100% recyclable

Refact fibres are 100% recycled, without needing to add virgin material.
As if this was not already unusual for textile recycling, Refact is also 100% recyclable.

As good as new

The recycled viscose fibres that Refact produces are as
good as virgin fibres. Refact can be used for any type of
textile, woven or knitted, dyed in any colour. It will not
make any difference in quality for the end product whether
they are trousers, shirts, dresses, socks, pyjamas or
whatever else you may want to wear!



Winner of the “Audience Award”


Winner of the Innovation Challenge


Winner of the Perfecto call for projects


Finalist of the “10,000 startups to change the world” contest


Selected as a regional leader for innovation towards climate excellency


Winner of the Orbital call for projects


Finalist of Clean Tech Open France


Certified BPI Deeptech


Finalist of Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards


Selected in the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator


Selected for The Arch as one of the top 100 solutions for the Planet


Winner of the Perfecto call for projects 

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